Group Visits


To make a group reservation, contact Isabelle Denis, head of activities, at 819 222-5665 ext. 4 or at

We recommend booking several months in advance. You do not need to make a deposit. You can cancel or change your booking with at least 24 hours notice before your visit, at no cost. You must provide payment and the minimum number of participants.

Since wild animals can be unpredictable (illness, injury, death, etc.), the Museum reserves the right to withdraw an activity from your visit, and will notify you of such an event.

Financial aid for field trips

Schools can alleviate transport costs for a field trip to the museum. Through the Culture in the Schools program, you can be reimbursed up to 75% of transport and entry costs. For more information.

For teachers and other school support staff, we offer free admission; only parents must pay the group price. If accompanying adults have a companion leisure card, they will also have free access under certain conditions. Learn more.

Parking is free and we offer free admission to bus drivers who want to participate in our activities.

Recommendations based on the seasons and weather

Summer: plan to wear light-coloured clothing and bring insect repellent and sunscreen. Outdoor shoes. We don’t recommend sandals.

Fall: plan to wear warm clothing and waterproof shoes or boots for outdoor activities. In the orchard, we recommend bringing sturdy boxes to transport bags of apples.

Winter: plan to wear warm clothing and boots for outdoor activities. For indoor activities, consider bringing a sweater, because the ambient temperature is cool. A cloakroom is available where you can leave your personal items.

In case of rain: outdoor activities will still occur, with some changes depending on the situation.
During storms, heatwaves, or extreme cold, we always have a plan B to hold activities indoors!

Sample itinerary