Free Sunday



To make cultural attractions accessible to everyone, the government has set up a program to offer free access to participating museums on the first Sunday of every month. On this occasion, the Museum welcomes you to discover a special free tour! Reservation is mandatory. Start your visit by taking a big leap back in time. Discover the prehistoric world by strolling through the cave man’s cave, admiring massive mammals, and finally, climbing down the root of life on earth, back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Returning to the present, you will have the opportunity to observe our reptile and amphibian friends of Quebec. You can meet our wood turtles and common garter snakes, and learn about the difference between the American toad and the wood frog!

End your visit by diving to the bottom of the river in our H2O room.
Meet the many different species of fish that live in the St. Lawrence and the lakes of our beautiful province, and discover the biggest species of turtle in Quebec!

Previously offered as a guided tour, the health measures in

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