Practical information

  • Onsite
    More than 140 free parking spaces (including 2 for adapted vehicles) are available for the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec visitors, where Echoes of origins interactive forest trail takes place.

Nearby attractions
Visitors can park along Avenue des Jasmins or at Mont-Bénilde School, located just a short walk away from the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec. Overnight parking is not allowed.

Overnight parking for RVs
Ten parking spaces are available to accommodate recreational vehicles (RV) overnight in the parking lot of the Mont-Bénilde school, just a few minutes’ walk from Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec. To be able to use these spaces, RV owners must have purchased at least two tickets for L’écho des origines interactive forest walking tour and call 1 866 522-5665 to make sure there are spaces available . They also have to:

  • Complete and sign the registration document available for download here, and send it by email to Centre de la biodiversité du Québec;
  • Print out the registration confirmation email that they will receive from Centre de la biodiversité du Québec;
  • Arrive between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm on the day of the tour and place the registration confirmation email received from Centre de la biodiversité du Québec on the vehicle’s dashboard, and make sure it is clearly visible through the windshield;
  • Leave the parking lot before 9 am the day after the tour.

The Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec’s enchanting site, which hosts Echoes of origins interactive forest trail, is the perfect location for picnics! Tables are available outside for meals or snacks. Grassy open spaces are available for picnics on the lawn. The kids will love it!

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Echoes of origins interactive forest trail is presented by the Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec, located at 1800 avenue des Jasmins, in Bécancour, situated on the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River, opposite Trois-Rivières. There are many ways to get to the Museum.

By car
Located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, halfway between Quebec City and Montreal, the Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec is easily accessible by various roads, including:

− Route des Navigateurs (Route 132), which runs along the Saint Lawrence River;
− Highways 20, 55 and 30 on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

From Trois-Rivières, on the North Shore, the Center is accessible via Highway 40, Route 155, Laviolette Bridge (over the river) and Route 132. From the bridge exit, follow indications to the Museum.

By bus (intercity transportation)

From anywhere in Quebec, you can use the Keolis intercity bus service to get to the Trois-Rivières downtown terminal. Then, you can make the remaining portion of the trip to Bécancour by taxi (17 km, approximately 16 minutes);

Echoes of origins interactive forest trail was designed to allow as many people with limited physical ability as possible to visit the site. The tour takes place entirely outdoors on a gravel-covered path to allow for the use of wheelchairs and strollers. We strongly recommend the use of wheels that are specifically adapted to this type of terrain.

For more information about the accessibility of the tour for people with reduced mobility, please contact us at 819 222-5665 or 1 866 522-5665

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You’re planning a few-days stay in Bécancour? Wise choice! Many attractions and activities await you in Bécancour as well as in neighboring cities of Center-du-Québec region, and on the north shore (Trois-Rivières and the surrounding area).

Discover the many activities and attractions in BécancourCentre-du-Québec and Mauricie.

For your comfort and safety, and to promote an enriching and enjoyable learning experience for all, we ask visitors of Echoes of origins interactive forest walking tour to observe the following:

  • The day of your visit, check the home page of this website at 3:00 pm to make sure that the circuit is not closed for safety reasons (in the event of temporary closure, a notice will be posted on the homepage);
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before the departure time indicated on your ticket;
  • Stay on the trails at all times: the tour takes place during the evening and we want to avoid injuries to visitors venturing off the trail;
  • Use a stroller or front carrier pack (snugly) suitable for forest trails;
  • Avoid using the flashlight or flash on your camera;
  • Wear closed shoes suitable for hiking;
  • To avoid the discomfort of insect bites, apply mosquito repellent before you leave.

Please also note the following:

  • Smoking and vaping throughout the circuit is strictly forbidden;
  • Pets are not allowed on site;
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on site;
  • It is forbidden to bring food on the trail.

Management reserves the right to expel any person who refuses to comply with these instructions.

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