Echoes of origins interactive forest trail is a dynamic evening experience presented by the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec, located in Bécancour. It takes place outdoors along a very gently undulating gravel-covered forest trail. This activity presents no health risk and does not require any particular physical ability.

The circuit covers a distance of 1.8 km and takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. The tours take place in groups of 2 to 12 people. Upon arrival, each visitor is provided with an unusual branch-shaped hi-tech tool that interacts with multimedia installations distributed along the trail and with those of the other participants.

The tool weighs 650 g, which makes it very easy to handle by most participants. More basic branch tools are provided for children under 12. Visitors are required to leave an official, valid piece of ID at check-in.

IDs are given back to their owners when they return the branch tool (individual tours) or branch tools (group tours) at the end of the circuit.

The excursion is preceded by a tutorial explaining how the branch works. Throughout the tour, a voice, either in French or English as chosen by participants, is heard from the hi-tech tool provided to participants to guide them throughout the tour throughout the experience.

Yes. Echoes of origins is an experience for all ages. That said, you must be physically capable of completing a 1.8 km forest trail at night. The course does not present major difficulties aside from a few gentle slopes, making it easy to use strollers and wheelchairs during the tour. However, we strongly suggest that parents of children 2 years old and under use jogging strollers or baby carriers.

Absolutely! Children are the leaders of tomorrow and the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec is dedicated to raising their awareness about human beings’ environmental footprint.

Note that there will be no character or noise or any apparition that could frighten the little ones (or adults!) during the Echoes of originstour.

Due to the Covid-19 preventive measures put in place, only one group will be accepted per departure. The members who will make up your group must necessarily reside at the same address, in order to carry out this outdoor activity with your family only.

Each group is made up of 2 to 12 participants maximum.

Due to the Covid-19 preventive measures, only one group will be accepted per departure. No family will be matched with other visitors for this reason.

At the same time, the Management wishes to reiterate the obligation to carry out this activity with members who are part of your family circle only. Indeed, all the participants in your group must necessarily reside at the same address.

Yes. bathrooms are located at the start and at the end of the Echoes of origins. We strongly suggest our visitors use the bathroom before starting the circuit. Bathrooms have also been set up midway through the circuit.

There are no lockers. We suggest our visitors leave their bags and personal belongings in the trunk of their car.

Pets are not allowed on the tour, with the exception of guide dogs.

Food consumption is allowed at the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec site (host of Echoes of origins walking tour) on tables or on grassy open spaces for those who enjoy picnics the old-fashioned way! Please note, however, that there are no restaurants on site (only vending machines) and it is forbidden to consume food on the trail.

Since you will be taking the Echoes of originstour outdoors, during the evening and on a gravel path, we strongly suggest wearing closed shoes. Please also wear a windbreaker or raincoat in case of drizzle or rain. As the temperature drops a lot after the sun goes down, we advise you to bring warm clothes.

Yes. Echoes of origins tour will delight you, in good and bad weather! We recommend you check weather conditions before your visit and wear appropriate clothing.

We advise you to apply mosquito repellent before your departure, as mosquitoes are present in reduced numbers on the trails.

Indeed, the forest of Mont Bénilde is subject to a biological control program for stinging insects. This measure was taken to promote your comfort during the experience, but it also helps to maintain the natural balance of biodiversity on the trails. This is the reason why we choose not to totally eliminate these insects which play an important role in maintaining the health of the forest.

For more informations, contacts GDG Environement, at [email protected] or at 1 844 840-8700.

In the event of an electrical storm, heavy rain, or strong winds, management reserves the right to close the trail Echoes of originsto ensure the safety of our staff and visitors. Management makes the final decision whether or not to open or close the tour as early as 3:00 pm.

In the event that we decide to close the Echoes of origins walking tour, we will immediately announce it on the Website’s home page and on Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec’s Facebook page. If no notice is posted on the circuit’s website or on the Center’s Facebook page as of 3 pm on the day of your visit, the tour will be open.

You are responsible for checking if the circuit is open or not before your visit. Should management cancel a tour, you will have the opportunity to choose a new date and time slot (depending on availability) or you may choose to receive a full refund of your purchase for the canceled activity.

We strongly recommend you purchase your ticket online since spaces are limited. This measure is also appreciated in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

You can also purchase your tickets on site. However, before coming, we strongly suggest that you call our reservation team at 1-866-522-5665 to ensure there are enough available spots at the desired date and time

No. Tickets are not exchangeable or refundable unless we are forced to close the site for safety reasons or technical difficulties.

Yes. Tickets are transferable to visitors of the same age group (e.g. youth, children, elders), but valid only once.

No. Your ticket entitles you to one visit at the date and time indicated on it.

We ask visitors with tickets to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure to check in. Visitors arriving late will be offered other departures if places are still available the same evening. In the event that other spaces are not available, the Center will not offer any refunds or exchanges.

The experience of Echoes of origins interactive trail  is similar to that of a show. If you are not present on the date and time of your reservation, we will not exchange, refund or otherwise modify your tickets.

If you purchased your tickets online, you will receive a purchase confirmation and your tickets directly by email. Please have them on hand, printed out or on your smartphone, when you check in. If you do not have your tickets in hand for any reason, you will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure to pick them up. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any delay caused by the recovery of your tickets.

Musée de la Biodiversité du Québec, which operates Echoes of origins forest trail is located at 1800 Avenue des Jasmins, Bécancour.

You are kindly requested to arrive at the tour desk at least 30 minutes before the departure time indicated on your ticket.

Yes. You need to book a ticket (free) for your child under 5, online or on site, so that they can have access to the activity.

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