Hours, Admission and Packages

Winter schedule

Opening time - 10:00 am        Closing time - 4:00 pm       Hours of the Office: 9:00 am at 5:00 pm



* Note that we are in the off-season and the period of school groups / organized groups is restarted and that they use our instalations.This tour schedule may not be available Monday to Friday during the week.

Summary of guided tours :

10:15 am - Mini-Fauna (30 minutes) - Museum initiation

10:45 am - Mini-Giant (30 minutes) - Museum initiation

11:15 pm - Journey to the bottom of the Saint-Laurent (90 minutes)

13:30 pm - The return of the Giants of the Prehistory (90 minutes)


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  • Price lists are subject to change without advance notice.
  • Accepted methods of payment: cash, Visa, Flow or Mastercard. No Paypass!
  • Visit in English available on reservation only, 24 hours in advance notice. 

What is a 'Package' at Le Centre de la Biodiversité?

  • Forfait Le MINI - Acces to the visit '' Mini-Fauna '' AND/OR to the visit '' Mini-Giant '', a 30-minute guided tour or a 60-minute combo, suitable for children aged 5 and under. Access to the arthropod corridor and Observation trails.

* Mini-fauna is the visit of H2O Room with fish and turtle and the Sensory corridor!

* Mini-giant is the abbreviated version of the 60- or 90-minute tour "The Return of the Giants of the Prehistory ". The return of the Giants of the Prehistory

* Annual membership card at 20$ + tx

** For people with reduced mobility, access to trails and orchards is more difficult.


  • Guided tours are at fixed hours. See the higher schedule.
  • IN the WEEK recommended reservation - For a better service, we recommend you to phone at 819-222-5665 before moving you, to reserve your visit.
  • WEEKEND suggested Reservation - To assure you to have some room, we suggest you to reserve beforehand.


1. If you think of being late, we suggest you to phone us in 819-222-5665 to warn us, we shall do all we can, to adapt the situation and offer you a beautiful experience!
2. If you cannot go on visit any more, we suggest you to phone us in 819-222-5665 to warn.

Bibi the white-tailed deer, which you can meet at the edge of the forest.

Additional information:

  • The versatile room with microwave available for your indoor picnics.
  • Access to the Centre is free for those accompanying visitors with physical, intellectual or sensory limitations, on presentation of the accompanying card.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Centre. In addition, they must be kept on a leash in observation trails. Guided dogs are permitted throughout the site and inside the Centre.

Restoration nearby:

Restoration within 1 km, no sale of food on site.