Urban Fauna, Odd Neighbours!

Schedule to visit the exhibition

10:15 am Mini-fauna *

Duration: guided 30 minutes

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  • RESERVATION REQUIRED 24H before your visit

    * Mini-fauna is an inside visit, grouping "Room H2O" and "Sensory Corridor". It is also offered outside at summer season, grouping "Condos and Aviary".



Urban Fauna, Odd neighbours!

- Closed for the winter season! See you next year! Animals says thank you for your visit!

Enter the urban life of animals...

This guided tour allows you to discover and understand the life of Quebec mammals, which are so common, but unknown. Ratatou the raccoon, Meo the striped skunk and Sushi the river otter will charm you, as well as several others in the area of '' Condos* ''!

Why are they coming here? What can we do to not attract them? How are they useful or harmful?

The tour includes bird-watching at the '' aviary* '. We explain their hunting adaptations and their behaviour in nature. How to do a distinction between a diurnal bird and a night bird.

You will meet a Great-Horned Owl, a Rough-Legged Hawk and a Red-tailed Hawk.

Finally, there is the ''Sensory Corridor'' where you will discover the reptiles and amphibians of province of Quebec. You can touch Sophie the Wood turtle and Clementine, our Common Garter snake. Watch the difference between Princesse, the American toad, and Maybeline, the Wood frog! Several other specimens to discover!

You can also feel and listen to all kinds of elements from nature through the interactive terminals! Challenge your senses!

  • In addition, visit the White-tailed deers and the Red Fox at the edge of the forest!
  • Go see Goose and Ducks at the wetland!
  • Finish with the Observation trails!

* Condos: where mammals are found in the back yards.

* Aviary: where birds of prey are found.

* Sensory corridor: where reptiles and amphibians are found + interactive terminals.

Important note from the Centre team:

  • The center is not a zoo, free visits are not allowed in this exhibition. The goal of "Urban Wildlife, funny neighbors!" is to offer you information while having fun, by discovering the animals of Quebec.
  • In addition, we would like to mention that staff is listening to your comments regarding our animals! Our facilities are supervised by Wildlife agents and the MAPAQ, several times a year. We also have a dedicated veterinarian who takes care of the physical and mental health of all our animals. We have special permits for keeping our little friends in captivity.
  • All animals have '' their stories'. We'd be happy to share it with you, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, whether it's '' why '' these are with us, the size of the enclosures or any other questions.