Urban Fauna, Odd Neighbours!

Urban Fauna, Odd Neighbours!New in 2013!

This seasonal exhibition runs from the end of May till October.

The exhibition highlights those animals which sometimes turn up invited at your home, to scavenge in your garbage, unearth your plants…. Urban fauna, odd neighbours lets you discover these very common and yet little known animals! Why do they come to visit you? What can we do to stop them coming? How can they be useful? How do they defend themselves.

Listen to the story of the animals in the Center : you’ll discover that Sushi the otter is perhaps a bit of a card, but also very sneaky, that Momo the skunk can be quite useful when it comes to eating harmful insects, that Ratatou the raccoon is very agile and that Placotte the female fox met with a very sad destiny…

The exhibition aims to make visitors aware of urban spread which is one of the principal factors responsible for the presence of these animals in urban areas. So in other words, we have to learn to live with them! And into the bargain, every animal, no matter how nasty, has an important role to play in the ecosystems.