Special Events

In June 1st, 2018 until May 31st, 2019

The second exhibition to take place is called "The invaders are here!", which arrived at us directly from the Musée du Fjord, in the beautiful city of Saguenay, in the district of La Baie.

This exhibition puts the animal and vegetable species which became intrusive in Canada under the spotlight.

They are not aliens, but common species like the domestic cat and earthworms are plagues without anyone realizing. Whether in water, dry land or in the air, there are species that live with us, but shouldn't be there...  but how did they settle here? How did they do to adapt themselves to our environment? These are some questions the exhibition will answer to satisfy the curiosity of the visitors.

It is made in a autonomous or semi-guided way, a novelty which the Center could not offer before.

The exhibition of the Museum of the Fjord " The invaders are here ".


Inauguration of the first Temporary Exhibition of history of the Centre de la Biodiversité in 2018.

 The Center adding an enlargement to its main building. A showroom will welcome every year a new temporary exhibitions with varied themes.

 From February, 2018 to the end of May, 2018

The first exhibition to take place is " Mysteries beneath the waves " arrived directly from Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, municipality of Haute-Gaspésie. This museum exhibition has everything to please interest of the Saint-Laurent river, young and old finds some benefit there. The exhibition presents the state of the art on scientific knowledge. Even today, 90% of the marine environment remains unknown to man. The Saint-Laurent River and its estuary seem familiar and constant, but that is far from being the reality.

Four thematic are aborded: Oceanography, Marine biotechnology, Fisheries and mariculture, Issues.

This one also allows to discover the history of the river, its myths and realities, and to learn diverse unusual facts. Among the subjects which are approached: the intrusive species, the pollution and the climate change which are directly in connection with our guided tour " Journey at the bottom of Saint-Laurent ", our multimedia guided tour of 90 minutes.

This exhibition from the scientific Museum Exploramer " Mysteries beneath the waves ".