The Return of the Giants of the Prehistory

Exposition Le retour des géants de la préhistoire

Schedule to visit the exhibition

10:45 am Mini-Giant
Duration: 30 minutes guided

14:30 pm The Return of the Giants of the Prehistory
Duration: 90 minutes guided

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The Return of the Giants of the Prehistory

This guided tour takes you back to prehistoric times.

In the cave of cave men, relive the evolution of the first men and the discovery of fire.

In the room dedicated to megafauna, do a face to face with the gigantics mammals of prehistory, such as the Mammoth, the Smilodon, the Short-faced Bear, etc.

Finally, travel millions of years into the past while the dinosaurs ruled the planet. Come and hear the tyrannosaurus, the velociraptor, the triceratops and the brachiosaurus.

A guided tour that will make you relive 4 billion years of biodiversity. So, do not hesitate to observe the timeline to situate yourself.

Let yourself be charmed by these missing beings who have become fossils. We are fortunate to have real fossils that you can observe and realise which creatures survived the trials of time...

Young and old have the chance to touch most of our artifacts and reproductions!