Package Name Dates Price1 Lenght Activities included Additionnal activities suggested
Urban Wildlife May 21st to June 24th – August 26th to October 31st $6.50 / $8.50 2h30 / 4h30 Urban Wildlife, Minifarm + Aviary, Marsh and its visitors, Rally + Stop hut Orchard3 $2

Reptiles from here and elsewhere $2

 H2O Room $1

Corridor $1
Evolution November 1st to June 30th $6.50 / $8.50 2h30 / 4h30 Expo. «Winners and losers of the evolution», Reptiles from here and elsewhere, H2O Room and Corridor, Rally, Deer, foxes and turkeys Rally $1.50
  • 1 For group rates, children 0-17 years old must be charged
  • 2 The duration of the activities selected may vary by more or less 10 min. and that depending on the length of periods in the selected package
  • 3 Seasonal activities
  • 4 Must be coupled with Observation Paths