Children's Party

A day to remember for your little darlings

The Children's Party package offered jointly by the Savonnerie Carpe Diem (Carpe Diem soap factory) and the Biodiversity Centre makes for a day of discovery for the youngsters.

The day begins with a visit to the Biodiversity centre in the morning, a pit stop at the P'tit Café for lunch, followed by a mini workshop experience at the soap factory, and as a grand finale, decorating cupcakes, which the kids will love sampling.

The Biodiversity centre visit takes the visitor through five theme rooms. Discover the Lake Saint-Pierre ecosystem and its inhabitants in the aquarium room. Go back in time to the dinosaurs and meet animals from here and elsewhere.

During your visit you'll have the opportunity to touch turtles, snakes and several other animals! As a grand finale to wind up your visit, plunge into the universe of Sushi the river otter, meet Placotte the fox and others... Winter and summer you can explore the 4 km of forest trails either on foot or snow-shoeing after your visit.

The mini workshop at the soap factory takes you to a world where you discover scents, where you can choose the shape and colour of your own personalized glycerine soap which the youngsters will mould themselves!

Reservations required!

The activities are also offered individually.

For information:

Centre de la biodiversité


La Savonnerie Carpe Diem